Investment in the Electric Market Means Investment in Texas

The Texas electric market today is bringing economic development, improved environmental performance and innovative products and services all produced by Texans and benefiting Texans. Below are several examples from each segment of the electric industry.

Generation Investment Bringing Jobs and Environmental Benefits

  • Generators have invested $36.5 billion since 1999 in new generation, bringing economic development and thousands of jobs.
  • Many of these new power plants replace older, less efficient plants; thus, Texas uses less fuel and produces fewer emissions.
  • Since 1999, Texas has become far and away the nation’s leader in wind energy, with nearly 9,000 MW in the ground.

Retail Market Creates New Businesses While Benefiting Customers

  • The competitive market has brought over 20 new retail electric providers (REPs) to the state, which has created thousands of new jobs in Texas.
  • ERCOT has faced a number of challenges, including the growth of energy users in the state, increased demand for electricity and high and volatile natural gas prices. Despite these challenges, the competitive electric market has still benefited customers by offering affordable and competitive prices, multiple offers and continued reliability.

Transmission & Distribution Grid Building For the Next 100 Years

  • Since 1999, $5.8 billions has been invested in the ERCOT transmission grid, ensuring new residents and businesses have access to reliable electric service, including thousands of megawatts of new wind generation.
  • Many utilities in competitive areas of Texas are installing advanced meters in support of a smarter grid, providing more information to customers on their electric usage and promoting various forms of distributed generation.
  • The smart grid will create the necessary underpinnings for introduction of plug-in electric hybrid vehicles, allowing consumers to purchase electricity at equipped garages and charging stations.
  • The smart grid will also serve to modernize the outdated electric infrastructure, which should provide more efficient utility operations and minimize outages and restoration times, thus minimizing impacts of grid functions on consumers.

To download a PDF of this issue paper, click here.

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