Energy Efficiency Structure Working for Texans

Note: For additional information on energy efficiency tips and programs, visit Texas is Hot.

In commemoration of the construction of the millionth home that qualified for the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Energy Star” designation, EPA listed the top 20 cities in number of Energy Star homes. Houston ranked first with 144,000 homes; Dallas-Fort Worth ranked second with 103,000 homes.

The fact is, for energy efficiency programs to succeed, consumers, businesses and electric companies alike must all do their part. Consumers can lower their electric usage and make home purchases with efficiency in mind. Meanwhile, the Texas Legislature and the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUC) are making funds available for utilities to work with contractors and vendors to help consumers improve the efficiency of their homes. In short, the market for energy efficient products and services are driving efficiency.

Energy Efficiency Programs Continue to Succeed

In 2007, the 80th Texas Legislature increased the energy efficiency goal from 10 percent of annual demand growth to 15 percent in 2008 and 20 percent in 2009. In December 2008, a study commissioned by PUC found it was feasible to increase Texas’ goals, more than doubling the 2009 goal by 2016.

In 2007, the most recent year with data available, utilities exceeded goals by 23 percent. The energy savings from standard offer programs and market transformation programs resulted in an equivalent reduction of 650,094 pounds of nitrogen oxide emissions per year.

Consumers Take Control of their Energy Usage

The easiest and least expensive way to reduce electric consumption is by educating consumers to be more energy efficient. provides simple tips, tools and calculators to lower electric usage.

In addition to 2-1-1 Texas, all customers can contact their electric utility to find out what programs are available, or to find a contractor or vendor who participates in the state energy efficiency programs.

Low income customers can learn more about available weatherization programs by contacting their retail electric provider, calling 1-888-606-8889 or visiting the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs Web site.

For additional information on energy efficiency tips and programs, visit Texas is Hot.

To download a PDF of this issue paper, click here.

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