Information to Help Consumers Control Their Electric Bills

Parts of Texas are in the midst of one of the coldest winters on record. Using Dallas as an example, the low temperatures in December and have been consistently several degrees lower than normal. In fact, from December 1 through January 11, the daily low temperature in Dallas was below average for 36 out of 42 days.

Typically, the largest portion of customers’ electric bills are calculated based on the price of electricity and the amount consumed, so even though electric prices have declined substantially over the past year, customers may still see increased electric bills due to higher consumption.

The Best Ways to Lower Electric Bills: Exercise Choice and Use Energy Efficiently

There are two key steps to lower customers’ electric bills. Customers in the competitive retail electric market can contact their retail electric providers (REPs) and others in their region to see what offers are available by visiting

In addition, customers have many opportunities to lower their electric bills by using available technology to help conserve energy. All customers can contact their electric utility to find out what programs are available, or to find a contractor or vendor who participates in the state energy efficiency programs. Customers can also call 2-1-1, the Texas Health and Human Service Commission’s information and referral network to learn about programs available in the area.

Below are some resources to help customers learn more.

To download a PDF of this issue paper, click here.

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