Houston Business Journal: “Electric vehicles spark Reliant driver”

Good interview with Glen Stancil, vice president of Reliant Energy, on Texas infrastructure for electric vehicles:

HBJ: Why is Houston a good spot for electric vehicles to take hold?

STANCIL: From an infrastructure perspective, Texas is probably the best-positioned state for the EV. It has an amazingly powerful distribution grid because of our high-peak cooling loads. Texas also has an increasingly smart grid. Next year all Houston meters will be smart meters. By 2014 all the meters in Dallas will be smart meters. This allows for smart-charging.

Electric charging in garages will smooth demand and the charging patterns of the car will be largely at night and compatible with wind energy from West Texas. All of the windmills predominantly come on at night. One of the bad things about wind is that it doesn’t occur during peak (hours). In Texas, we need our energy in the middle of the day, when it’s hot.

Read the whole article here.

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