AECT Statement Regarding Emissions Control Permitting Process

Statement Regarding Emissions Control Permitting Process from John Fainter, President and CEO, Association of Electric Companies of Texas:

As the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers changes to the emissions control permitting process in the state of Texas, we believe it is important to consider a few key facts regarding the electric industry.

According to EPA data, Texas’ electric generating plants emit less NOx per megawatt hour than all but 8 states — a tremendous achievement for a state with such a large generating capacity and demand. Since 1997, electric generators in the Houston and Dallas areas have seen reductions of NOx emissions of 86 percent and 88 percent, respectively, and other areas have seen reductions of 45-51 percent. To achieve these notable results, since the year 2000 electric generating companies in Texas spent more than $1 billion on NOx emissions reductions alone.

These achievements are a testament to the strong and sound policies for protecting the environment established by the Texas legislature and TCEQ.

We believe it’s clear that power plants are doing their fair share. Any new federal rules should address mobile sources, such as planes, locomotives, ships and carrier truck engines. These are significant contributors to air quality problems in urban areas.

AECT member companies help improve our environment through stewardship, support for new technologies, partnership with other agencies and by meeting or exceeding hundreds of regulations. We contribute to the growth of Texas’ economy by creating jobs and paying millions of dollars in fees annually.

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