HuffPo: "Deregulation, the Forsaken Panacea for Climate Change"

Interesting piece in the Huffington Post from Smart Grid pioneer Sunil Sharan:

Currently only about a dozen states in the U.S. allow consumers a mostly-restricted form of choice of electricity providers, with Texas, the largest electricity market in the country, being the most free-wheeling. Deregulation there was phased in beginning in 2002 and is now implemented in over half the state. It is ascribed to have instigated large-scale deployments of smart-grid and wind-energy technologies. Companies like Green Mountain Energy that sell power generated purely from renewable sources have sprung up. Electricity prices in the state, after many years of hovering substantially above the national average, are trending downward, almost touching the mean this year, allaying the fear held by some that deregulation causes prices to rise unsustainably. Texas has become the bellwether for the rest of the country to open up electricity markets.

Read the full article here.

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