ABACCUS Study: Texas Electricity Market Design Most Successful in North America

Ranks 1st in the Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada  and the United States (ABACCUS)

Well-structured competitive electricity markets deliver innovation, new investments, and customer choice

Texas residential and commercial/industrial electric markets top the 2010 list of competitive electric markets in North America. Texas has earned the top spot in residential for four consecutive years. Texas has earned the top spot in commercial/industrial for three years. In both segments, Texas earned the 2010 top rating of “Excellent” for its implementation of customer choice.

These are findings of Distributed Energy Financial Group (DEFG) in its Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States (ABACCUS) report which was released today. The report identifies the successful markets in North America and explains the policy choices that led to those successes.

In Texas, where residential electricity prices have fallen and consumers have more than 250 products to choose from, Chairman Barry Smitherman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas said, “Value is mainly about price, but price is not the whole story. Customer choice, renewable resources and demand response are other valuable features of a competitive electricity market.”

“Competitive electricity markets are critical to meeting our country’s future electric power needs,” said Nat Treadway, DEFG manager partner and lead author of the report. “When well structured, like the one in Texas, they deliver the product innovation, new investments and choices that are both appealing to and good for consumers.”

Download the full release here.

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