AECT Statement on Recent News on the Competitive Retail Electric Market

A report has been circulating that wildly misrepresents the performance of the competitive electric market in Texas. Its findings are built on a faulty premise while relying on data that does not accurately reflect the competitive market or the role of customers in choosing products that meet their needs. For a more detailed discussion, download AECT’s response here.

The most effective tool for lowering electricity prices is simple: shop around. At, you can find a range of electricity plans and prices – many of them substantially lower than the last regulated rates in Texas.

This is the reality of the retail market: competition pushing prices downward, consumers finding products to meet their needs, and retailers free to differentiate themselves in the market.

Those who want to go back in time are simply out of touch with the benefits of the market. Through a so-called standard rate, they want a one-size-fits-all approach that requires regulatory approval. Their true agenda is to substitute government command and control for a Texan’s right to choose.

The popularity of the market and continued downward pressure prices demonstrate the truth: Texans want choices and they support competition.

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