Winners Announced for Oncor and CenterPoint’s “Biggest Energy Saver” Contest

From Texas Energy Report:

Rodrigo Reyna of Pflugerville, who just won a Chevy Volt Grand Prize from Oncor in a Biggest Energy Saver contest, says he lives in a big house with a small electric bill.

He told the Texas Public Utility Commission Thursday that he, his wife and his three daughters have always been energy conscious, but the contest taught them they could slash their energy use 39 percent over last year’s bill.

That’s the greatest consumption cut achieved in the contest that challenged Oncor and CenterPoint customers to cut their year-to-year home energy use with the help of Smart Meter technology between August and September.

The full piece is subscription only, but most interesting was the simple, low-tech ways the family reduced energy consumption, even during on of the hottest summers on record in Texas:

The family, whose daughters are either in their teens or early college years, turned off lights that were energy-efficient already, he said. They also used power strips for electronics like DVRs, televisions and DVD/game players. The family upgraded its air conditioning unit and used energy-efficient settings with a programmable thermostat. They also sealed ducts and pulled out their laundry from the drying machine halfway and hung the damp clothes on lines.


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