Fall Update on the Competitive Retail Electric Market in ERCOT

Key takeaways on the retail market in ERCOT:

  • Price offers are substantially lower than prices available just before competition began, especially when adjusted for inflation.
  • Retail electric prices have fallen even as other energy commodity prices – such as gasoline, crude oil, natural gas and coal – have risen.
  • Texas’ national electric price ranking has improved since the market opened in 2001.
  • Every competitive area in ERCOT has variable and 1-year lock offers available that are far lower than the national average price and nearly all state averages.
  • Among states like Texas that depend heavily on natural gas for power generation, Texas prices compare favorably, with even lower prices available to those in the competitive market.
  • The ERCOT market provides efficient market prices that track natural gas prices.
  • Since 2007, Texas’ prices have fallen while other states’ prices have risen.

To download a PDF of this presentation, click here.


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