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AECT Statement Regarding State Water Plan Legislation

AECT statement on Chairman Allan Ritter’s filing of House Bill 4 and House Bill 11 on State Water Plan funding from John W. Fainter, President and CEO of Electric Companies of Texas:

“The Association of Electric Companies of Texas fully supports Chairman Ritter’s legislation, which proposes a means for funding the State Water Plan.

“This represents a significant step toward helping the state of Texas meet the demand for one of our most precious natural resources. As our state continues to grow, so will the demand for water. House leadership, the Chairman and his staff should be commended for taking an aggressive approach to helping solve our water supply challenges, and for their hard work to preserve access to this vital resource.

“The Chairman’s proposed water plan outlines the steps we need to take to ensure the future growth of Texas.”

Price Check – January 2, 2013

See below for the latest roundup of offers available in the competitive electric market as shown on Power to Choose.


ABACCUS Report Cites Texas Electricity Market Design as Most Successful in North America

In the Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States (ABACCUS) report  released by the Distributed Energy Financial Group LLC (DEFG), Texas was once again found to be the top competitive market in North America. From the release:

The report identifies North American electricity markets that have successfully restructured to allow direct access or consumer choice and explains the policy choices that led to those successes.

“In Texas we refuse to rest on our laurels and have every intention of remaining number one by continuing to add features in our nation’s leading electricity market,” said Donna L. Nelson, chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas. “We keep finding ways to increase customer value in the marketplace through smart grid innovations and ongoing improvements in the shopping experience, just to name a few.”

DEFG found in its research that the Texas retail electricity market is very competitive for all customer classes. Texans in competitive areas are engaging in the market in record numbers and making choices to meet their energy needs. The depth and breadth of retail electricity offers is unparalleled in Texas. Approximately 40 retail energy suppliers compete for residential customers in competitive areas of the state by offering a broad range of products and services designed to meet customers’ needs.

DEFG also noted the innovation in the ERCOT competitive market:

Texas continues to see a surge in consumer‐driven product and service innovation. New smart grid infrastructure investments – advanced meters, mobile communications and control devices, and in‐ home usage displays – allow entrepreneurial retail energy suppliers to develop innovative pricing and service choices.

Read the full release here.

Price Check – December 17, 2012

See below for the latest roundup of offers available in the competitive electric market as shown on Power to Choose.


Price Check – December 3, 2012

See below for the latest roundup of offers available in the competitive electric market as shown on Power to Choose.


Fall Update on the Competitive Retail Electric Market in ERCOT

Key takeaways on the retail market in ERCOT:

  • Price offers are substantially lower than prices available just before competition began, especially when adjusted for inflation.
  • Retail electric prices have fallen even as other energy commodity prices – such as gasoline, crude oil, natural gas and coal – have risen.
  • Texas’ national electric price ranking has improved since the market opened in 2001.
  • Every competitive area in ERCOT has variable and 1-year lock offers available that are far lower than the national average price and nearly all state averages.
  • Among states like Texas that depend heavily on natural gas for power generation, Texas prices compare favorably, with even lower prices available to those in the competitive market.
  • The ERCOT market provides efficient market prices that track natural gas prices.
  • Since 2007, Texas’ prices have fallen while other states’ prices have risen.

To download a PDF of this presentation, click here.